Title win – would the book now please write itself?

So ages ago, like, four years ago, I had an idea for a book, well, a title for a book actually.

This use of this image is ironic or something

For the longest time now, everyone I’ve mentioned it to say it’s brilliant (they probably just said they like it), and immediately have very clear ideas about what would happen in the book.

Annoyingly, none of these people have offered to write it for me. This irks me. So, in a bid to pressure myself to get it done, I’m putting the title out there. Here goes. The title is this:


I mean, COME ON! It practically writes itself!

What’s that? I will have to write it?

Grr! OK. I’ll write it then.

But there, it’s out there. You literally heard it here first, people. Watch this space on developments.



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