Month: March 2012

Work Polls – Write, Or Pong?

The canteen where I currently work has been making lots of effort to engage with us, its patrons, in various ways, including a daily poll, asking people to vote by placing a ping pong ball in either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ jar.

I think it’s very nice and customer-focussed of them to do this. It also appears to be a gesture I wasn’t able to walk away from.

Here's one of the original questions posed

Here are... some others

I'm sorry

The one face of Shane Walsh – The Walking Dead

While catching up on Walking Dead last night, it occurred to me that Jon Bernthal’s facial expression has become fixed. This, I’m sure, is part of the unravelling of his character Shane Walsh. I was going to do a tumblr about this, but some other excellent fellow has published this: The Faces Of Shane Walsh, which pretty much covers it.

But the more I see of the show, the more I’m convinced of two things; firstly, that no zombie could ever chew through one of Jon’s earlobes, and secondly, that Shane/Jon actually just has one face. It’s a pretty awesome face though – take a look!