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Source Code – my immediate reaction

Er… OK then.

I should probably qualify that with some words.

Source Code is actually a very enjoyable film, but anyone who can’t let go of logic or disbelief could be niggled to death (hopefully) by its conceptual inconsistencies. I got off lightly.

Duncan Jones is forming something of a pattern though, but it’s a good one. There’s a direct line between Sam Rockwell’s Sam Bell in Moon, and Jake Gyllanhaal’s Colter Stevens in Source Code…

– Both men are stuck in situations that are not what they seem.
– Both men are in a pretty poor shape, emotionally – enduring more than a fair amount of confusion, helplessness, anger and loss.
– Both men are being royally screwed by The Man.

And thankfully, both protagonists are played with real range, and in the case of Source Code, evoke enough sympathy to paper over the cracks of some not entirely cohesive science fiction.

It doesn’t matter. Jones is definitely a director for us Brits to be proud of. And as long as he is allowed to continue exploring his ‘What if’s’, then we should keep on watching them. Until he does a Richard Kelly on us.

But remember, if you want to avoid the HI McDunnough look, try not to think too much about how it all plays out.