Here are some vids I’ve either shot (very few), edited (most) and/or presented/produced/directed for various BBC websites. I do consider myself very much a novice, but I love doing video stuff, and will keep on with it. These are in chronological order to hopefully indicate some kind of progression.

A long long time ago, I did interviews for BBC Movies. This is one of the few I was happy with. It’s also one of the few that made it into youtube – so lucky coincidence.

Another Movies interview – in which Shia Lebeouf tells me that Transformers is essentially a documentary (that’s not quite what he says, but it’s funnier this way).

Ugh! I can’t quite believe I am including this one. Don’t ever say I don’t put myself out there. This was somehow me trying to pull off smug and sweaty at the same time. Disgusting.

Oh yeah, this was fun! We followed the Superbad cast around the UK when they were promoting this. And got some fairly funny video in the process. I mainly just helped with sound and interview on this one.

This was a straight editing job, but somehow went viral about a year after I did it. I can’t remember why, but obviously I am taking the credit for it.

This is a video about sectioning… one of the batch that I made for BBC Headroom. Yep.

First or second thing I did for Slink. Jedward happened to be in for a 5.19 Show recording. You can say what you like about Jedward… I have no strong feelings either way.

This was just a quick bit of junket TV style stuff to promote some film or other – with the Zefron. Also for Slink.

This was fun to do. It was basically just a piece to camera which I had to muck about with, Max Headroom style. Oh and there are explosions. I got excited by the explosions. Also for Slink, and part of a trilogy of sketches from my brilliant Switch colleagues Tom Orger and Iain Slater, and written by Koolbeanz Productions (seriously guys, get a new name).

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